Another silly girl is tied up and tape gagged by masked male

What is the essence of the majority of damsel in distress bondage storylines? Well of course it is a beautiful lady bound, tape gagged and fully dependable on the mercy of the intruder, that is holding her in his arms!

Blonde is forced and tape gaggedUndressing tied girl by forceTied and tape gagged in the office

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Helpless tape gagged girl is going to become a sex toy for the intruderBondage woman is waiting for help to come

It wasn't good idea for hot blonde to stay in the office alone late at night. Intruder broke in and had no other option than to tie sexy lady up and gag her mouth. Strong male took advantage of girl's helplessness. He used a big piece of white duct tape to seal her lips and then ripped all of her clothes down. Unable to call for help or run away, tape gagged damsel has no other option to choose from other than to become a sex toy for her captivator.

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