Duct tape bondage in the office: bound matures are having their big tits exposed

Duct tape is perfect for gagging women but it also can be used for binding them up! Non need to run to the nearest hardware store to buy ropes: just grab the roll of good old tape and you are good to go turning your dirty bondage dreams into reality.

Bound secretaries having their big tits exposedBig tits and tape gag

There is no way for a girl to break free and runaway once bound with duct tape. A couple of busty MILFs in my today's post know this on their own experience! Both become victims of an intruder that broke into their office. Masked guy had just left leaving both ladies totally helpless and with tape gags put over their lips.

Duct tape bondage for busty MILF matesWomen are fighting the duct tape bondage

What I like about this scene is the exposed tits. Each of the office sluts are blessed with a pair of perfect boobs and the criminal could not deny himself the pleasure on unbuttoning blouses. Bound with duct tape and with their bosoms out, these moms are going to have plenty of time to enjoy helplessness rolling on the floor like crazy. Would you like to come closer and watch them fighting?

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The MILF abduction: in bondage, gagged with duct tape and with her boobg exposed

Abduction is one the most popular types of bondage storylines. Women put into submission by force, taken away, robbed or held for ransom - isn't that sounds exciting? It is so much fun to enjoy their helplessness and watch them trying to escape the ropes!

And when talking about abductions there are no better place for that kind of stuff than RopExpert. This guy is captivating sexy girls for many years posting tasteful bondage pictures online. He is always carrying rope and a roll of duct tape with him in case of coming across busty bimbo. And here is one by the way!

Big boobs of an abducted MILFWOman not happy about being in bondageGirl is trying to escape the bondage ropes

Christina Carter is victim of abduction today. Busty MILF was on the parking lot when she was attacked from behind and dragged into the janitor's room. Just a few minutes later woman found herself lying bound on the concrete floor with a piece of duct tape over her mouth and her blouse unbuttoned. Criminal had robbed the girl, exposed her massive boobs and played with them a bit. Then he left leaving the slut alone and totally helpless.

Bound, gagged and rolling on the floorTape gagged slut is robbed by the criminal

Just watch her rolling here and there helplessly, trying to get ride of the bondage ropes. But it seems to me that there is nothing she can do about her bonds: the only option for Christina is to moan through the tape gag and wait for someone to come and save her. Why don't we enjoy her helplessness?

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Teacher have to use duct tape bondage and sex toy for slut education

Is there a way to deal with bad attitude? What a teacher should do in case student doesn't paying attention? Looks like there is an effective way of educating naughty girls! Basically you are going to need a roll of duct tape, strapon sex toy and a little bit of time. Sounds kinky? Are ready for the lesson to begin?

Coed is stripped by the teacherUsing ass spanking for schoolgirl motivationNude gal is bent over the table and tied with duct tape

What makes this class so special? I think that's because the student is of almost the same age that the teacher. And there is no easy way for her to make the naughty bitch to care about her education. But what if something a bit more intelligible than just fast-talk is used? Luckily lecturer is having a roll of duct tape within the reach!

Just a few moments later indocile slut is already on her knees, stripped by the dominant teacher and with her hands bound behind the back with tape. Yet another piece of scotch is put over girl's lips and used as a gag. What a change! The coed instantly stopped being that arrogant when nude, bent over the desk and unable to make a single noise!

Fingers are used to tease the tape gagged slutSometimes education can be done with straponDoggy style sex with tape gagged girl

Look! Teacher is taking down her clothes and putting on the strapon dildo. Looks like tape gagged girl is going to be fucked deeply just to be sure that she understood the lesson well. Don't you think it is time to watch the video of this happening?

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Shutting the tied teen up with her panties and duct tape gag

It is nice to hear sexy moans women are making when tortured. Sometimes bitches go beyond the limit screaming too loud. All kinds of ball gags work fine shutting them the fuck up but panties and a bunch of duct tape can also do the job nicely!

Tape gagged teen girl is tortured extremelyBDSM girl is subjected to unbarable torture

Young BDSM trainee Tracey Sweet spend the most part of the day locked in the barn, being continuously tormented by the guys from Hardtied website. She was keeping herself quiet during countless number of bizarre bondage poses the girl was put into and a number of sexual teases she was subjected to. There was no need for the gags to be used.

Teen is tape gagged silently and torturedSharp pikes ass tortureGir cannot scream because of the tape gag

But then, suddenly, pain became unbearable when tied up teen was forced to sit with her bare ass on top of sharpened steel spikes. BDSM slut started screaming like crazy so the urgent measures had to be taken. A bit of cloth and tight tape gag turned the blonde into the silent trainee, who is suffering pain quietly unable to make even the slightest sounds! Isn't she look adorable: tied up naked, with her mouth stuffed with her own panties and with dozens of sharp pikes violating her sensual ass from underneath? Would you like to see that on video?

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Tape gagged amateur is wearing ripped pantyhose

What do you think about spending a quiet evening together with amateur slave Sabina? And by saying quiet I am literally meaning it: how do you feel about gagging beautiful blonde with duct tape?

Sabina posing in black nylonsNude and exposed amateur slaveBondage slut in ripped nylons

I hope you are a fan of softcore bondage and nylons because those are the things Sabina is going to please you with. Shameless slut is standing in front of you wearing nothing but black pantyhose and high heel shoes. Submissive lady wants you to tie her hands above the head and rip her nylons. Are you up for the job?

Bedroom bondage for a sexy blondeGal is gagged with black duct tapeNude enjoys being tape gagged

Feeling your hands all over her body makes subgirl horny. Her pussy is getting wet almost instantly and she wants to move to the bed to continue the action. Let's put a piece of duct tape over Sabina's lips: it would be more exciting to fuck her while she is still tied up and gagged!

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Damsel is abducted, tied up and gagged with duct tape

Abducting a woman must be one of the nicest feelings you can ever experience! Grabbing hot girl from behind, putting her in ropes against her will, sealing her mouth with a piece of duct tape and then taking her to the secret hideout - each of the described actions are extremely exciting! Would you like to try?

A good half of the bondage websites around are basing their content on abduction storylines. Captured Snapshots is the leading one that delivers pictures and movies of the hottest young ladies held for ransom by the criminals. I've put a few samples n this post for you to taste the kind of content those guys are producing.

Bondage girl is trying to escapeYoung woman is abducted and semi-strippedAbductee is gagged with duct tape

By looking at girl's clothes you can tell that she was abducted on the street (or, maybe, at her working place). The guys wasn't having lots of time so they just tied up young woman with the very basic rope bondage and gagged her with duct tape. Later they locked the captive at some kind of warehouse and left.

Bound girl is taken by an abductorsGirl is cannot escape the rope bondage

Helpless and with her tits exposed, poor slut has to spend countless hours fighting her bonds and trying to call for help with her tape gagged mouth. On the other side rope bondage does not look too tight - maybe there is a chance for her to escape?

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MILF housewife is bound and gagged with duct tape while being abused sexually

Sexual abuse BDSM storylines are very popular because lots of surfers enjoy watching strong man taking woman by force. Today's episode is from that exact niche and it is very special because beautiful MILF Julia Ann is the one to be gagged with duct tape, tied up and then taken advantage of.

Sex and Submission website has shot a full-length movie telling another kinky story about beautiful woman getting fucked in bondage. I am not going to spoil the joy of watching it by telling you all the details. Let me just show you a couple of previews from the duct tape bondage episode.

MILF needs plumper's helpGuy attacks the girl from behindSlut is bound with duct tape and taking advantage of

Yes, it is plumper doing the repair in the house of a sexy blonde MILF. It is impossible for the man to keep himself in control when a woman like that is just a couple feet away from him and teasing him with her sexy butt. The inevitable happens when the guy approaches the slut and grabs her from behind. A roll of duct tape becomes handy when he ties Julia down and gags her mouth. Unable to fight or call for help housewife becomes nothing but sex toy for the guy.

Sexual abuse of the tape gagged MILFFinger fucking the tape bound housewife

Beautiful tape gagged blonde in his hands places the dominator to the point of no return. He exposes both of her massive tits and twists them with his paws. Then he pulls woman's panties down and shoves his dirty fingers deep into her pussy. Something tells me that in just a couple of second he is going to rip the tape gag from her mouth and shove his cock deep into the MILF's throat. Julia is better prepare herself for this day to be very long because I can't imagine the guy leaving soon. Would you leave before fucking each and every hole of hers? I doubt it!

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